When deciding on tape on your initiatives,it’s critical to be sure you are utilizing the fitting software for the job.

From HVAC tape to packaging tape to duct tape, all kinds of choices can be found. Selecting the fallacious sort can result in a poor seal or broken contents.

What’s acrylic tape?

So what’s acrylic tape and when ought to it’s used? It’s a sort of tape that’s costlier than common tapes however has a a lot wider temperature vary. It’s made with two layers:

  1. A layer of BOPP movie
  2. A layer of emulsion acrylic adhesive.

Because of its chemistry, the tape stays steady by means of excessive temperature, and powerful resistance to oxidation permits it to be uninfluenced by daylight publicity. Acrylic solid surface sheet tape may be utilized simply by hand and sticks properly to corrugated surfaces. Acrylic tape is helpful in quite a lot of circumstances. It may be used for gentle, mid-weight, or heavy cartons. It is usually out there in quite a lot of colours.

When is acrylic tape helpful?

Due to its temperature resistance, acrylic tapes are a superb selection for packaging that may contain extra excessive temperatures (together with refrigeration). Due to this, in addition to its resistance to oxidation, acrylic tape is good for sealing cartons which may sit in a warehouse or storage space for an prolonged time frame.

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