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Is Bankruptcy A Good Option For Debt Relief?

Did you know that struggling parents have a constitutional right to declare bankruptcy? It’s true. It’s right there in the Constitution. Bankruptcy is not always the best solution for your financial problems. But often it is.

Most Americans turn to American Debt Relief after spending thousands of dollars on debt consolidation programs that did not deliver on what they promised and/or unnecessarily borrowing money to pay on existing debts (including taking high interest payday loans).

“My eyes teared up and my lips started shaking. I just ran to my bus stop crying. They called my boss at work demanding I pay $3,700! I felt like I was in a black hole, drowning. I just can’t take the stress of knowing I’m not doing everything I can to support my family.” – Hannah Daley, Denver

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Why bankruptcy might be a good solution for debt relief.

Most people who file for bankruptcy as a way to achieve debt relief. This is because it will get rid of almost all unsecured debts.

What are unsecured debts? They are ones where you were not required to provide any collateral. This includes credit card debts, medical bills, personal lines of credit, repossessions and collections and personal loans.

Since these are the types of debts that get most people into trouble, bankruptcies have become the most popular way to get out from under debts.

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